Fitting the Easy Fit PAS Sensor and Disc

Fitting the PAS disk and sensor can be the trickiest part of fitting the Swytch kit as it can take a little trial and error to get the two parts aligned. 

Hopefully these below steps will provide some extra clarity -

1. Ensure that the 'working side' which is marked on one side of the disk is facing the sensor

2. The sensor must be positioned within 3mm of the disk

3. Ensure that the sensor is facing into the centre of the magnet disk and not off to one side 

4.  You may need to also trim the teeth of the universal PAS disk if you have a larger crank arm, this is normal as different bikes has slightly different designs, try not to overtrim the teeth so that the disk isn't loose 

5. Double check that the connection between the powerpack and pedal sensor is firm and secure

6. If you have brake sensors attached you may find that they are affecting the communication, I suggest to remove the brake sensors until the PAS system is up and running smoothly


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