What is pre-order?

Get 50% off, once every 3 months.

Every 3 months, we begin manufacturing a new batch of Swytch Kits to distribute to our retailers.

Just before we start manufacturing we accept a limited number of customer pre-orders. For every kit that is pre-ordered, we add an extra kit to our order list with our suppliers. This way, we can offer our pre-order customers almost the same price that we give to our distributors, up to 50% discount on the RRP.

Fully customisable. Made to order.

An extra advantage to this model is we custom make every kit to order. So whatever your requirements, we can do it! Any wheel size, different colours, special modifications for quirky bikes, just let us know.

Just place your pre-order, then you'll receive an invite to our Order Customisation Portal where you can confirm all your detailed specs like wheel size, and add add-ons and accessories (like throttles or brake sensors) to build the perfect kit.

Don't miss out!

To ensure you get the full 50% discount, sign up now on our website to be notified as soon as we go live for our next pre-order campaign.


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