My Payment Was Not Accepted- What Should I Do?

If you're having trouble checking out on the site, please check the following common reasons for payment cards not being accepted.

Step 1: check common mistakes


1a: Check your card details

Please make sure you have entered the card number, expiry date , name and security code exactly how it appears on the card.

1b: Check your address details

If it asks for address details, please make sure the postcode and address match your card billing information.

1c: Complete the 3DS security check correctly

You may be asked to complete a security check to make sure it's really you doing the transaction. Please make sure you complete the 3DS check accurately.

1d: Try another device or browser

Our checkout has been thoroughly tested on Google Chrome, Safari (Mac) and Firefox. Please try using one of these popular browsers if you are still having problems checking out.

1e: Call Bank or Wait 10 minutes for Bank to call or text

Call your bank to see if they have blocked the payment 

Otherwise, wait around 10 minutes, you may get a security call from your bank to authorise the payment and confirm this is a genuine transaction 


1f: Clear cache

Sometimes during particularly busy periods (e.g. first 24 hours of launch), you might need to clear your internet cache and refresh the page to successfully checkout.

If you're still having troubles, contact us for support! We are here to help.


Step 2: check the failure code

104: 3DS Authentication Failed

This means that your bank security checks have failed.

- Please try again on a different browser, as we have had a small number of reports of the bank 3DS security checks not displaying correctly on certain browsers.

- Please make sure you complete the 3DS fields correctly


Step 3: Let us know

If none of the above work, please email the following info to so we can investigate for you:

  • Card type (Visa / Mastercard etc.)
  • Card issuing country
  • Error code (if you got given an error code for why it failed)
  • Browser used (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)
  • Did the 3DS security check come up? This is the security check with your bank's logo on it.





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