Do you ship to my country?

Distribution Network

Our distribution network is global, we can deliver to almost any country.

Whatever country you're in, the price is the same - we ask you to pay the international base price as a "Pre-Order Deposit", which excludes local country duties and taxes (in order to keep the price the same for all customers internationally). This pre-order deposit is fully refundable at any time. You will be charged import duties and taxes when the order is completed and ready for delivery.


Countries With Affordable Shipping

The following countries have a high demand for Swtych kits, meaning that we can ship via sea-freight containers that dramatically brings down the cost to deliver. For these countries, we also handle the duties and taxes for you directly which saves on importation fees and avoids any issues or extra costs.

United Kingdom: £30

Europe: €40

United States: US$50

Canada: US$100 

Australia: US$100 


Rest Of World

For all other countries, we ship via air freight. We will charge you a flat $200 initially to cover the air freight cost - in some countries the final air freight cost may be higher.

If you are receiving a kit via air freight, you will need to pay the taxes and duties yourself directly to UPS or DHL when the kit comes into your country before it is released to you.


Register Now

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, there is currently a waitlist which you can register to here:


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