Can I use a throttle?


All Swytch kits are compatible with the throttle add-ons that we offer as optional extras. We offer both a twist and thumb-controlled throttle which allow you to control the motor wheel without any need for the PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) system we provide in the kit.

It is worth bearing in mind that while both varieties of throttle work with our kit, shorter handlebar widths and some brake levers or gear shifting setups may make it hard to find space to fit a throttle. Our thumb throttle is significantly thinner than the twist option and will therefore be a better choice if space is at a premium.

Please check your local country regulations. In the UK and many EU countries, throttles are not road-legal and are only appropriate for use on private roads or land.

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to the design of our throttles they are not compatible with drop-style handlebars.


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