What is my wheel size?

This is the most common question we get asked.

If you are not sure of what your wheel size is, use the handy options below to find out:

Easy Option 1: Ask the bike seller

If you bought the bike online or from a shop, then check with the seller. The wheel size is probably listed in the specifications, or they can tell you.

Option 2: Check tyre markings

Most bikes tell you the wheel size right there on the tyre.

If not, measuring the metal rim diameter of the bike wheel is the best way to determine the specific size of the wheel.

Note, the diameter of the bicycle rim is NOT the same as what the wheel is called. E.g. if you have a 26″ bike wheel, the measurement 26″ relates to the outer diameter of the tyre, not the rim.

The images below summarise where to find the ETRTO, and what wheel sizes they correspond to in the table below.


Option 3: Measure yourself

A final option is to take off the bicycle wheel tyre, and measure the diameter of the rim, which is also called the ETRTO

A quick lookup of bicycle wheel size name and rim diameter/ /ETRTO is below:
Wheel Size Rim Diameter / ETRTO
28" 29er 700C
27" / 27.5" / 650C 584mm
26" / 650C 559mm
24" 507mm
20" 451 (old style) 451mm
20" 406 406mm
16" 349mm


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