Are Tax and Duties Included?

Retail Purchases

If you're buying from one of our retailers, all taxes and duties will be included. The retailer will be able to provide you with a tax invoice.

Pre-Order Taxes and Duties

All our prices exclude import duty and local sales tax / VAT. This allows us to show a consistent price to all our customers in the 40 different countries to which we deliver.

To place your pre-order for the kit, you don't need to pay any taxes or duties, just the cost price of the kit (after the 50% discount). We use these funds to order parts from our suppliers, so we can build your kit.

Once your kit is finished and ready to deliver, we'll invoice you for the duties (which are capped at 5%) and the local VAT or sales tax (20% in the UK/EU, variable in USA / Canada depending on your state).

You can find the full information here:

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