The Swytch Promise

Our mission is to convert as many people as possible to sustainable forms of transport.

True sustainability lasts forever.

That's why we introduced the Swytch Promise, to keep you on the road for life.

That means that even after your warranty expires, we'll continue to keep your bike on the road forever through excellent customer support, and access to affordably-costed spare parts should you need them.


Battery replacement scheme

After 3+ years your battery may start to lose charge, which is normal. So you can send it back to us for recycling and we'll offer you 50% discount on a brand new battery!


Backwards Compatibility

We also promise to keep all future products we release backwards compatible in some way, so you'll never need to buy a whole brand new Swytch kit if you want to upgrade to the latest model.


Register Now

If you are interested in placing a pre-order, please register to our waitlist here:


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