What is the difference between Universal and Brompton kits (fork width)?

Kit Types

The two main differences betwen the two kit types are:

  • The PAS kit
  • The hub width

How to measure your fork width


Universal kit


The hub motor of the Universal kit is 100mm wide. This is a standard width for the front forks of almost all full-size bikes on the planet. We can make wheels from 16" to 28"/700c/29er to fit on a 100mm hub.

The Universal PAS kit is designed to be installed on any bike, no matter how weird and wonderful the crank arm assembly is.


Brompton kit


The hub motor of the Brompton kit is 74mm wide. This motor size will fit front forks from 74 to 80mm wide. This enables it to fit all Brompton bikes , as well as many folding bikes and trikes. Most bikes which are designed to fit (or fold) into a very small space have narrow front forks, but it's worth checking yours by measuring the fork spacing.


Other Folding Bikes

Be aware - some Dahons and other folding bikes use 100mm forks so please double check this measurement before confirming your order.


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