How to remove the power pack

To attach the Power Pack to the handlebars, align the back of the Power Pack with the Quick Connect Handlebar Mount and slide downwards, pressing firmly until you hear a *click*.

To disconnect, press the button on the Handlebar Mount (GREEN) and pull the Power Pack up with the handle (BLUE). If it is difficult to disconnect, instead of pulling directly up wiggle the Power Pack side to side.

If it is difficult to remove the power pack:

At the beginning of use there is a break-in period where the Power Pack will feel stiff to remove from the Quick Connect Handlebar Mount. To make it easier to remove here are some tips:

  • Instead of pulling directly up on the handle, rock the Power Pack side to side. This will make the removal a lot easier.
  • Pull the Power Pack in one quick motion, instead of pulling slowly (but don't yank too hard!).
  • Support and pull the Power Pack from the bottom instead of using the handle.


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