My power pack turns off unexpectedly


  • Power Pack suddenly turning off while riding normally.
  • After this happens the only way to turn the Power Pack back on is by resetting the battery. It is not possible to turn on the Power Pack by the middle display button (o)


The problem can easily be fixed by installing the Hall Sensor Bypass Cable inside the Power Pack.


You will need: Hall sensor bypass cable:


It is provided as standard in all kits, if you can't find it, contact support for a replacement. 


1. Open your power pack

For detailed instructions on how to open the Power Pack, follow this link: How To Open The Power Pack

Take care not to break the zip by folding the waterproof flap upwards first.



2. Install the Hall Sensor Bypass Cable in-between the controller and the output of the Power Pack:



This is the location of the hall sensor bypass cable once it is installed:



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