My Power Pack is not working?


If your Power Pack is experiencing some technical glitches or your wheel is not being powered by the Power Pack, please try some of the quick solutions below for a possible quick fix:


Factory Reset

To Perform a Factory reset on your PRO/ECO power pack please follow the instructions below:


1) Turn on your Power Pack

2) Hold down the upwards and downwards arrow to access the settings menu

3) Keep pressing the centre button until the left battery column is on the top light

4) Press the upward arrow so the right battery column is on the 2nd light

5) Press the centre button and hold for 3 seconds


Below are also 2 images to help demonstrate:






Pedal Sensor Check

Another reason to why your motor wheel is not receiving power from the battery is due to the pedal sensor connection.

Please check that the pedal sensor is flashing when the pedals are rotating.

If not please disconnect your pedal sensor from the Handle Bar Bracket and check for any pins out of place in the outlet.

Once reconnected, if the pedal sensor still does not flash and power is not provided to the motor wheel, please contact so our technical team can resolve this issue with further questioning.


Power Pack Check

For this check please make sure that the Power Pack is taken off the bike and turned off. Make sure also that rocker switch at the back of the Power Pack is turned off.

Once this has been do please unzip the Power Pack and check that all wiring is secure and no wires have come loose.


Rocker Switch

Please make sure that the rocker switch has been turned on once the Power Pack has been taken out of the packaging. This is a one time switch, only to be turned off if performing the above check.


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