My motor is jerky or not working at all?

We are sorry to hear you are encountering problems with your Swytch conversion kit, we will look to resolve these as soon as possible for you!

It sounds like this issue could possibly be linked to a loose connection. As first steps, could you please following the 3 actions below for me?

1. Can you please confirm that when you fit the Power Pack before a ride, that is clicks into the handlebar mount fitting?

2. Would you be able to give all of the cables a once over, both inside and outside of the bag to ensure that everything is plugged in correctly.

3. Are you able to check the metal connectors on the back of the Power Pack to see if they are all aligned? If you could take an image for me, directly from above so I can see if they are straight or not that would be really useful.

Below is a sample for you to show what kind of image we'd require.

4. If none of the above have resolved your issue, could you please try re-setting the Power Pack to its factory settings using the instructions in the link below as a guide:


If the issue still persists, please email us at and we will resolve this for you

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