How do I reset the power pack?

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Swytch conversion kit.

As a first step, please try re-setting the Power Pack back to its factory settings, as this can often resolve the issue. Please refer to the model-specific power pack instructions to do this:


Second Generation (ECO/PRO) Power Pack


1) Hold down the up & down arrows on the power pack. You should notice the light indicator starts flashing, showing that we are in the settings menu.

2) While in the settings menu, the left hand bank of lights will display the setting we are changing. A full guide to all of the various settings for the power pack can be found here.

3) Single press the centre button (o) four times to cycle to the top LED on the left. This is the factory reset setting.

4) Use the directional arrow buttons to navigate to the second light from the bottom on the right hand bank of lights. When this is illuminated, hold down the centre (o) button to confirm. The lights on the pack should flash, resetting the power pack and exiting the settings menu.


First Generation (25MI/50MI/TOUR) Power Pack


Below is a link to a video which will show you how to do this.

Or following these step by step instructions:

These actions are to be performed on the Power Pack whilst it is turned on:

1) Hold down + & O

2) 'DEF - N' will appear on screen

3) Press + to show 'DEF - Y'

4) Hold down O for 5 seconds

5) 'DEF - 00' will appear on screen

6) Screen will automatically re-alight

7) Swytch kit successfully re-set

If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know by emailing and we will look to find another solution for you.

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