How much range will I get / how far can I ride?

The ECO kit has a battery capacity of 5.2Ah (187Wh) and an expected range of 35km (22mi) on medium power.

As there are so many variables that determine the range, that it is not always straightforward to answer the question “How much range will I get”?. However, it is possible to define your range in hours as this just depends on your battery capacity.


The physics behind eBike range

A 250W motor at 36V draws about 7A of current. That means that in one hour it will use 7 amp-hours (Ah) of charge. So a 7Ah battery will last one hour. Similarly, if you use it at half power (3.5A), it will last you for 2 hours.

“A 250W motor draws about 7A of current at max power, so a 7Ah battery will last you 1 hour.”

We have put together the table below to give you an indicative range in hours for the different Power Packs, at different power levels.


 Battery Capacity   Full power range (250W)   Medium power range (120W)   Low power range (50W) 
 5.2Ah (ECO)  45 mins  1hr 30 mins  3 hours 45 mins
 7Ah (PRO)  1 hour  2 hours 5 minutes  5 hours


Estimated Range in Kilometres

Let’s assume you are able to cruise at 25kph on average – we have converted the times above into rough distances as shown in the table below. If you are using the motor on low power, then you will need extra pedal power to keep up the average speed of 25kph.


 Battery capacity   Full power range (8A)   Medium power range (4A)   Low power range (2A) 
 5.2Ah (ECO)  19km


 7Ah (PRO)  25km  52km  125km


Other considerations

  • Weather: The temperature affects how much distance you get out of your Power Pack. In cold climates, you will find you get less range.
  • Terrain: Going up hills uses a lot more energy. So adding hills to your ride makes a big difference. 
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