What's the difference between the ECO and PRO Power Pack?

The two Power Packs, ECO and PRO, look the same and are the same size and weight. The main difference is that the PRO Power Pack uses more advanced battery cells, with a higher energy-density, giving you 40% extra range. Additionally, the PRO Power Pack comes with an integrated front light.


When using the Swytch Kit on medium power, and adding your own pedalling power too, the PRO kit achieves 50km average range and the ECO kit gets 35km average range. Your range varies based on a number of external factors. This article explains the range you can expect under different riding conditions.Screenshot_54.png

PRO Swytch batteries can be recharged 1,000 times before you notice a significant drop in range, or 800 for ECO Swytch batteries. In this way, our batteries are built to last you beyond 3 years before degrading.


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