Order Portal: Payment Issues

Is your payment is being declined on the Order Portal Confirmation page? Please use the following steps to troubleshoot why your payment isn't being accepted. 


Check your expiry date

Check you have entered your expiry date correctly, and that your card hasn't expired


Check your Postal / Zip Code

Please ensure the post-code or zip-code you enter in the credit card details area matches the post or zip-code registered with the card. A common mistake is to put the delivery address postcode which might be different to the registered card billing address.


Try another device or browser

Our checkout has been thoroughly tested on Google Chrome, Safari (Mac) and Firefox. Please try using one of these popular browsers.


Contact your bank

If you have tried the above and the payment is still being declined, the most likely reason is that your bank is blocking the payment portal. Banks still sometimes have automatic blocks that need to be sorted out over the phone. If this is the case, please contact your bank to resolve the payment issue - all they need to check is that it's really you using your card!


Still not working? Please contact us. 

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